Steampunk Nerf Barrel Break Shotgun

I was at Toys R Us because I am a giant child and I can’t help but check out the Nerf guns when I saw the Nerf Barrel Break.

I thought to myself, I haven’t modded a Nerf gun in a while and a futuristic double barreled shotgun just seemed to cool pass up.

I reinstalled the bullet rack on the side because I wanted to put the compressor on the tac rail.

I made six brass buckshot type bullets and two “explosive” amber liquid bullets just for fun.

The brass bullets are made out of an old brass clocks legs and hardware. The liquid bullets are vinyl tubing capped at both ends with 3/8 brass flare nuts. The liquid is actually watered down, Tangerine Orange Mio water flavor.

You can find all of the compressor pieces in the plumbing section of any hardware store. Its made with 1inch copper pipe cut to the length of the rail, 1inch caps, 3/8inch copper Tee fixed to the back, a soft copper coil running from the Tee to the steam gauge and the gun, copper pipe hangers connecting it to the tac rail hardware, and a brass valve handle screwed into the front.

Lets talk about steam gauges. I searched high and low for a vintage steam gauge or any sort of steam gauge looking object I could make look like one and I came up empty. Then I found this build to help me out. Basically the build is about taking a brass closet door handle thing below.

You find a picture of the style indicator dial you want online or use the guys in the other build and print it out. I wanted to use a real indicator needle so I just decided to make my own dial as well.  I am providing a plain one and the one I used in my project down below if you feel like using mine.

After I got all of the parts together I got to work.

I actually used the plastic from the package for the glass cover. After I added the paper dial, gear, and clock hand, I glued the plastic to the front. Since the package comes with two of those brass door things, I cut the brass ring off of the front of the other one with a Dremel and glued it on front if the plastic to have a nice beveled edge around the plastic cover. From there I just wrapped the outside, under the edge in some leather to give the finished dial a beefier look.

For the final touch I cut out a leather grip for the handle instead of just wrapping the handle in leather lace or something like that.

That concludes my barrel break build. I hope you enjoyed it and if you have any questions or would like more details, comment or shoot me an email. Otherwise, shut up nerds.






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    • Dammit! You found me out! I had no idea it was exclusive to Toys R Us though. I should probably change that in case people try to look for it at Target haha. Thanks.

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