Fallout Inspired Vault-Tec Medical Box

I still haven’t finished the Skyrim Dagger. It is a ton of work and mess. One of these days I will but in the meantime I have something for you nerds.

IMG_2121If you like Skyrim you probably like Fallout and if you are like me, you will see things sometimes and go, “That totally looks like something from Fallout.”

IMG_2109I was at work and saw this old spill control kit upstairs that we haven’t used in decades. I thought to myself, “I could turn this into something inspired by Fallout to put in my nerd office (which I will have to take pictures of and show you guys later).” All my wife thought was “Great, more clutter.” But when you are a nerd and a collector, clutter is life.

So I am at work, I have none of my tools, paint, anything. How am I gonna do this? What I did have was vinyl sticker paper for my printer. So all I had to do was a little photoshop and there would be no mess. Sweet.

IMG_2110So I got to shoppin. I grabbed some elements from google images. A good Vault-Tec logo, and a red medical cross in high res.



I realized that the spill box had an off white cream color to it due to years of fading. So I took a picture (below) that best showed the color and matched it in photoshop as best I could.

FullSizeRenderI measured the door, creating the exact size in Photoshop. I added the elements together on the matched color canvas. Used fonts close to the Vault-Tec ones. Here we have it.

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 9.42.59 AMThe image was too wide to fit onto one sheet of standard sized paper so I split it in two.

Right Side Paper Left Side PaperThe paper I was using was very heavy so I set my printer on the heaviest it could do and printed them on full page. I got a metal ruler and a box cutter and cut the stickers out. I taped the two stickers together using masking tape because it pulls away easier than any other tape as to not tear or pull up color.

IMG_2115At this stage I realized that you would be able to see the green letters on the box through the stickers so I did have to paint some. I found some super old white paint in storage and wiped it over the letters with a towel because I had no brush. 2 coats to cover it completely.

IMG_2113I placed the sticker carefully where I wanted it and taped one side down to the box so it would not move.

IMG_2118I pulled the side I wanted to stick down first up and pealed the backing away. Using a flat object I scraped from the middle out to avoid bubbles. Sorry I don’t have pictures of that. It’s hard to take them when you need both hands. Repeated with the other side.

IMG_2119Apart from putting the lock back in, we are done and it cost zero dollaz.

IMG_2120In this light you can kind of tell a slight color difference but I think it turned out pretty damn well for not making a mess and not spending a dime. If you are wondering, I totally got permission to take this box and goof around on work time making it.





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    • I actually used attachments from onother toy gun I had. I just dremiled the top of them to fit the shape of the pipe and fastened it with the pipe clamps. Im glad you like the content. Thanks!

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