3D Printing


Hey everyone. I have some pretty exciting news for those who have followed my site over the years. My company has opened a 3D Printing division and I have been put in charge of it. Now I get to make cool stuff for people for a living. We have an industrial printer with a 14x16x14 build envelope. It prints with durable FDM thermoplastics.

Now I won’t lie to you. It is not cheap to print on but it is high quality. If you need any nerdy stuff printed like props, costume pieces, helmets, models, you can come to me. If you want it nice and smooth, you will have to do your own surface finishing and painting. But hey, that’s the fun part for you guys right?

Check out our website. We have a video of the printer in action. We have info about all of our thermoplastics. You can upload your STL file and get a quote from me quickly.


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