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I am building a Mandalorian costume so I can join the Mandalorian Mercs Costume Club. I know, I am a NEEERD! If you are reading this then you are too, so shut up nerds! Anyway, I am early in the process but I will post updates.

Tonan SornThis is my character concept.

IMG_2913I am using 1/2 inch sintra PVC foam board. You need to be patient with a box cutter or have a vertical band saw for this thickness. Curves are damn near impossible. I am using a similar vest to this one to attach the armor, so I used this dummy and vest to shape the armor. I heated the pieces with a heat gun and shaped them to the parts of the vest where they will be attached. For the shoulders, I shaped them to a can that is roughly the same curve as my shoulder.

IMG_2910I 3D printed some Mythosaur diamonds and carved out the shape in the shoulders so I can inlay them. It’s all in the details.

IMG_2911I did not design the 3D print. You can get them in Just search Mandalorian. There is all kinds of cool Mandalorian stuff on there. Props to whomever made the diamonds.

IMG_2923So a tactical vest can’t be approved for membership unless completely covered in armor or heavily modified. Luckily my Brother in law is a huge nerd and had a mando vest made by one of the memebers a while ago. He decided not to build his suit and gave me his vest. So this is the vest I will be attaching my armor to.

IMG_2922I am using a Jango Fett 2 piece helmet. If you get a quality resin helmet it will most likely be one piece. This helmet is cheap and flimsy so modification is needed. I glued it together from the inside for more stability and used bondo to cover the seams where the pieces snap together. Apparently there is an easier way to do this on the MMCC website. I recommend just spending the money on a quality helmet. This one takes a lot of work and even though it is only about 40 bucks, by the time you buy supplies and take time modifying it, you might as well have spent a little more and saved trouble.

IMG_2924I started painting and forgot to add some facial detail from my concept. I had to sand down the front and glue on these Sintra strips I shaped for the face.

IMG_2925I broke my original view finder trying to make it more interesting so I 3D printed a new one. Ended up being better because it has more detail and I can now removed the view finder from the helmet whenever I need to. This is a Jodo Kast view finder from The stalk is also from but it is a separate part.

I know this is a little all over the place. I am sort of jumping around to different parts when I have the time.

IMG_2926Next I am going to save a little Sintra and make my gauntlets out of clorox toil cleaner holders we have not in use at work.

IMG_2930A success so far. Hopefully I can I can do the same for the other arm. Most guys make a clam shell style gauntlet with two pieces that can shut with a piano hinge but I wanted to do something a little different.

IMG_2945 2

My Shoulder armor is finished. Did a little weathering and battle damage paint work.

IMG_2948 2

Not quite done with the helmet but it is coming along nicely. Did some weathering but I plan to do more plus battle damage. I am also going to paint some Mandalorian letters on the side.

IMG_2949 2I 3D printed some knee armor from thingiverse. The guy who made it must have large knees. I had to size them down a bit in program. He designed these well. They come with a removable strap loop for some elastic straps in the back of them. I had to sand the hell out of these things to get a smoother finish. I will paint these soon.

IMG_0080Almost done with the gauntlets here. I am glad I was able to replicate what I did with the first one. I added some sintra pieces for an armor plated look.

FullSizeRenderI finally attached my armor pieces to my vest. I used stick on velcro. The velcro will not stay glued to the duck cloth and since I can’t sew I used rivets to permanently attach it. The stick on velcro is useful, especially when you have no one to help put the armor on. I had to eye ball it while I stuck it on looking in the mirror. I am not particularly pleased with the collar armor. I might make a new one or shape this one better.

IMG_0086Made a new collar plate. This one is not warped and matches the edges of the two chest armor pieces. I will post a pic of the vest attachments later. I keep forgetting.

IMG_0104Finally found some boots to use for my suit. I did not want to build shin armor, so I went with a tall boot instead. Boot requirements are no logos, laces or zippers. They all must be hidden from view and if there is a zipper they must be on the inside of the cafe which these boots have. Now these are actually women’s boots but they comply with rules, are light weight, comfortable and were on sale. Plus they look pretty good when you have a suit of battle armor on. It’s surprisingly difficult to find men’s boots that comply with rules, that don’t cost an arm and a leg.

FullSizeRender(1)All of it is almost ready. Just need to put on a flat coat and craft the cape and loin cloth.


Alright so I finally found a good cloth to make the cape and loin cloth. I needed something that matched the color and was heavier than just cotton. I found a nice red Rave Canvas that matches. Before we do some cloth work… Lets do some magnet work. In the photo above is my 3D Printed Clone Trooper Blaster. A lot of Mandalorians use the Clone Blaster as their weapon so I wanted to set mine apart a bit. I thought it would be cool to put a muzzle on the end but I did not want to attach it permanently. I wanted to be able to holster it and not have a long barrel sticking out. So I got some mini super magnets.

IMG_0147I glued one into the tip of the blaster and the other inside the bnc connector of the aluminum tube. I glued a bushing into it so when it connects to the other one, it holds it in place, making it more stable.

IMG_0146It worked out well. It holds strong and does not move when you shake the blaster. After having success with that I moved on to figuring out how I was going to attach my cape to my collar plate. I had though I was just going to use velcro but then I though it might be cool to use broaches instead. I thought about carving some out of sintra but then I thought… I have a 3D printer and magnets, so why waste time hand carving.

IMG_0151So I designed some simple two piece broaches that can be glued to the cape and attached to the collar plate with magnets.

IMG_0153The cloth can be sandwiched between the two pieces, held in place by the dowels that fit into the holes and glued together.

IMG_0154This is the underside of the plate. I designed dowels that will slide into corresponding holes on the collar plate and inserted magnets that will connect to magnets on the plate.

IMG_0158This is the corresponding connection in the collar. A bit sloppy due to gluing in one of the magnets backward. Oops. Shit happens.

IMG_0156Here is what they look like connected. Hopefully when I finish the cape and attach it, it will work like I have imagined it will.

IMG_0175IMG_0176IMG_0178IMG_0177Well it’s been a while since I took the full suit photos. People made some suggestions on changes before I submit and I have been working on them. I am having a new vest made because the one I have is does not comply. It’s a bit baggy and you can see the zipper in the back.

So while I have been waiting for that I decided to make some weapons. I see a lot of mandos carrying the Kal Dagger Which looks like the pic below.

Kal_DaggerMost people make them out of foam or Sintra. I decided to make mine out of flat bar aluminum.

IMG_1187 IMG_1189

Don’t worry it’s not sharp.

Somebody made a comment on my clone blaster having obvious 3D print lines and it might not pass for quality. I just decided to make a new blaster all together. Below are some parts from three different airsoft guns I had in a box.

IMG_1028So I took all these parts and cut, drilled, glued, modded and bondod the hell out of them to make what you see below.

IMG_1104I think it turned out pretty damn good.

Screen Shot 2019-03-11 at 9.50.29 AMNew color scheme and flak vest.

Screen Shot 2019-03-11 at 9.51.28 AMNew sintra knee armor and updated shoulders with dual layer plates.

Screen Shot 2019-03-11 at 9.50.50 AM Screen Shot 2019-03-11 at 9.50.14 AM IMG_2560 IMG_2505 IMG_2502 IMG_2501Entirely new sintra gauntlets that close magnetically. Making those were not fun.

Screen Shot 2019-03-11 at 9.51.41 AM Screen Shot 2019-03-11 at 9.51.49 AMScreen Shot 2019-03-11 at 9.51.03 AMEntirely new sintra, Jango style back plate. Also, not fun to make.

IMG_2574 IMG_2572 IMG_2571 IMG_2569Helmet repaint and mandalorian letters added. Better damage as well.

Just so everyone knows… This will never be finished.

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