Portal Companion Cube Ring Box and Engagement Rings

I made this project a little more simple and homemade. My girlfriend (wife now btw) lived 1,500 miles away and I wanted to do something special for her for Christmas that brought us closer. I had seen a concept for Portal engagement rings but I couldn’t find anything I could actually buy. The box, I’m sure you can tell, is made out of cardboard. The rings took me a while to hunt down and get the right Portal colors. Finally, I found Tungsten Rings Mall, where you can find any ring with almost any color or design ever.

One thought on “Portal Companion Cube Ring Box and Engagement Rings

  1. hey! i’ve been looking everywhere for the portal rings, but cannot find them, either. did you just search for the colors on that site? were you satisfied with your purchase? did you make the box yourself? i’m trying to buy a similar gift for the love of my life. not as any sort of engagement, but i have been trying to find a unique present for his birthday, as he is always coming up with cool gifts for me.. thought i’d buy the rings and put them in with the game, which we’ve both played, but want to buy and play together

    thanks in advance, if you respond!

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