Skyrim Weapon Rack

DSC_0153If you recognize this thing, you probably play Skyrim to much. This is a weapon rack that can be found in most interior locations in the video game, Elder Scrolls: Skyrim. This was sort of a side project I decided to do because I am waiting on a shipment of materials to make a steel dagger from Skyrim with. I thought to myself, when the dagger is built it would be cool to display it. What better way to display a Skyrim dagger than with a wall mounted weapon rack from the actual game?

72850_screenshots_2012-03-07_00009So I started with this pic I grabbed from the internet and basically traced it poorly in Photoshop to get this.

Skyrim Weapon PlaqueNow, stop laughing so I can finish the post. Anyway, I printed this out onto two sheets of paper and taped them together to make a stencil.

DSC_0124By now, if you are a die hard Skyrim player, you have probably realized that this rack is not to scale. Correct, I didn’t want to make a giant, heavy, expensive one that could hold a great sword. However, if you wanted to, you totally could.

DSC_0122So I made a card stock version that was better for tracing and traced it on the backside of the wood I was using. Then I hand cut it out with a Dremel.

DSC_0125After some sanding and staining I got this.

DSC_0126I wasn’t sure how to create the metal frame around the edge so I decided to try experimenting with clay, which I have never used before.

DSC_0127This is self hardening clay that you don’t need to bake. The plan was to shape it, let it dry and since it is black clay I could just paint it with acrylic silver to get the metal affect. A horrible plan indeed.

DSC_0129I rolled it and shaped it to the best of my ability and it looked pretty good.

DSC_0131Unfortunately this clay’s package lied when it said minimal shrinkage. It shrank severely and cracked into a few pieces as well. Another thing about clay is that it is heavy and dirty, so I decided to use the pieces to make a mold and cast plastic from (also a first for me).

The stuff below is Smooth-On OOMOO 30. It is a medium grade silicone mold compound. Its an equal parts mix with a 6 hour cure time.

DSC_0136Now the only reason I actually knew how to do this is by taking a class on casting and molding and watching tutorials online. If you want to do this you should study up because it is expensive and very easy to screw up if you don’t know the basics. A good source of info is They have tons of tutorials on various products that are extremely helpful.

DSC_0134I have the silicone so I needed the plastic. I chose Smooth-On Smooth-Cast 305 because it was simply in stock at the store. Also an equal parts mix, Its light weight, durable, and cures in 30 minutes. The down side is that it turns bright white but paint can fix that. Next I needed a mold box.

DSC_0132There is a billion ways to make a mold box but a cheap, one time way is this. I traced a box around the broken pieces onto some foam board and glued foam board walls around it. In order to make sure no silicone escapes you have to really hot glue the hell out of it. I used tape around it just for some reinforcement. Next I glued the pieces to the base of the box,mixed and poured the silicone.

DSC_0133By some miracle the silicone stayed in but I hit a bit of a snag. I did not have enough silicone to cover the pieces and you need at least a half inch layer over the top. The store ran out of OOMOO 30 so I took and gamble and used 25 which is a weaker silicone but it was a one time mold so I wasn’t worrying about tearing it.

DSC_0138This is what I got. You can see two colors because OOMOO 30 is purple and 25 is teal blue. It is dirty because I did not spray sealer on the clay. Since clay is porous it will stick to the silicone. Not a huge deal it just needed cleaning.

DSC_0142After cleaning I mixed and poured the resin.

DSC_014530 minutes later it was bright white and hard as a rock which meant I could de-mold it.

DSC_0146To my surprise it turned out perfectly. Now all I needed to do was a little gluing, sanding and painting.

DSC_0148Since the clay did shrink before molding I re-shaped the wood to fit the frame and then screwed it on from the back with wood screws. The ring in the middle was installed with super glue.

There you have it. Come back in a couple of weeks or so for an update on the Skyrim steel dagger. As always, questions and comments are welcome. Use the contact page or comment form. As always… shut up nerds!